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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Prep in a bucket

I saw this post over on Hotel 23 and thought it was pretty clever.

Survival Bucket as the author notes, is not a new idea, but he was helping a friend and provided some photos to help. Another commenter posted a link for a Costco Bucket , now I won't pass judgment on the contents of the Costco bucket but I will raise some caution about the quality of the goods since you can't get your hands on them to actually see them. I like the original authors idea of building your own.

Either way, preps are preps.


Anonymous said...

Yea that's a neat idea to make your own. Would be good in a truck bed.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Jay said...

Make a bunch of specific ones and stack them in the garage was my thinking.

Anonymous said...

Buckets are the way to go for long term storage. Airtight, watertight, keeps the small vermin out (but not rats - they can chew through iron pipe if they have to!) and portable.

If you don't mind the orange color and the branding, Home Depot has new buckets and lids for under $5.00 a set. Be sure to wash them out with warm soap & water first, though.

Alternatively you can order them new in other sizes from, for a bit more.

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