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Friday, July 24, 2009


Usually I try to stay away from Gun talk because there are others that are far more knowledgeable than I. But NJ passed a law about a month ago that, depending on your interpretation, will either severely limit handgun ownership or destroy it altogether. NJ S1774 is a bill that will arbitrarily ration the sale of handguns to one per month. It passed by a disappointing vote of 21 to 15. Now, this kind of backdoor assaults on our second amendment rights is just the type of thing that makes people wary of government.

I bring this up because it coincides with the deployment of bulletin boards all over NJ that advise citizens to "Be Prepared". These advertisements are worth the money spent on them and educate folks to the value of being prepared in case of emergency, even if it's only a 3 day preparedness, it's a good start. However I look at these and see them as an acknowledgment that the government will not be there when you need them, at least not quickly and we all learned from Katrina that the government when they do show up, they will be looking to confiscate your firearms. So am I being paranoid when I see a state sponsored alert notice to "be prepared" in concert with legislation that seeks to eliminate your constitutional right to own a firearm?

Government today worries me a great deal since I think they look at citizens as useful producers instead of a collection of free minded individuals. Think about contacting your state representatives today to find out whats on their minds BEFORE they pass unconstitutional legislation.

The following text was copied from
the National Rifle Association of America, Institute for Legislative Action

Please contact the following State Senators, who supported S1774 and let them know how disappointed you are in them for supporting this bill.



State Senator James Beach (D-6)

State Senator Barbara Buono (D-18)

State Senator Richard Codey (D-27)

State Senator Sandra Cunningham (D-31)

State Senator Nia Gill (D-34)

State Senator John Girgeniti (D-35)

State Senator Robert Gordon (D-38)

State Senator Raymond Lesniak (D-20)

State Senator Fred Madden (D-4)

State Senator Dana Redd (D-5)

State Senator Ronald Rice (D-28)

State Senator Teresa Ruiz (D-29)

State Senator Nicholas Sacco (D-32)

State Senator Paul Sarlo (D-36)

State Senator Nicholas Scutari (D-32)

State Senator Bob Smith (D-17)

State Senator Brian Stack (D-33)

State Senator Shirley Turner (D-15)

State Senator Joseph Vitale (D-19)

State Senator Loretta Weinberg (D-37)

State Senator Jim Whelan (D-2)


Also, please take a moment to thank the following State Senators, who opposed this attack on our Second Amendment rights.



State Senator Diane Allen (R-7)

State Senator Bill Baroni (R-14)

State Senator Christopher Bateman (R-16)

State Senator Anthony Bucco (R-25)

State Senator Gerald Cardinale (R-396)

State Senator Christopher Connors (R-9)

State Senator Marcia Karrow (R-23)

State Senator Thomas Kean (R-21)

State Senator Joseph Kyrillos (R-13)

State Senator Kevin O’Toole (R-40)

State Senator Steven Oroho (R-24)

State Senator Joseph Pennacchio (R-26)

State Senator Robert Singer (R-30)

State Senator Stephen Sweeney (D-3)

State Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-1)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Vacation Preps

High Folks, just got back from vacation. A very exciting 2 weeks in Florida sailing, snorkeling, fishing and other great adventures. But while I was out on the water I got to thinking about what I would do if SHTF while I was on vacation. And frankly I was unprepared for that event should it occur. I would have been trapped in Florida with nothing more than my luggage and my wallet.

I admit to never giving any thought what so ever to preparedness while on vacation. I have some serious thinking to do about that. What about you?
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