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Friday, June 5, 2009

Organization 101 : A database

Ok, after some looking around and asking other prepper types what they do in order to keep supplies straight I found one topic I can address right away. And that's a database. Now, if you aren't familiar with building a database, this could be a problem. But if you have a general knowledge of using one, then you are in luck because you can start by using a pre-built template. MicroSoft offers a Home Inventory template that you can start with.

I used it to make a single entry, without editing any of the fields:

Noting that any of these fields are easily modified to what ever you want, you can see the utility of using a database for inventory control. this template is for office 2007, for templates on earlier versions, Use this Access 2000 Template.

I will get busy entering my data and try to keep a log of the progress for later posts. In the mean time I have noticed that others have done databases as well and would like to hear from them about how it works, mainly on the maintenance and addition of items. Now the question: Is one database enough? Or will I need one for food as well as one for inventory?

I'm finding out that acquiring preps, storing preps, and using preps are all very different issues.


matthiasj said...

Great Post Jay. I keep a spreadsheet but this could keep me busy this weekend putting all my preps in a database. :D

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