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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Organization = Success

In trying to come up with things to talk about that are new, or fresh and not just another re-hash of how to build a BOB, I came up with organization. I got this because I was cleaning up the garage and I found a small box that contained small prep items. A couple pocket reflecting mirrors, emergency water filtration devices, 3 space blankets and two army ammo pouches among the items. I remembered these were an attempt to gather specific items to make small emergency survival kits that could easily be carried and contain a wealth of survival items. Well, I made those kits, but these were items that were initially bought, lost/misplaced in the garage, and re-bought.

I figured this is a common issue with most of us as we collect and gather our prep materials. Do you keep a check list? How about a database? A card file? or do you just rely on your memory? I find it amazing that the fastest way to find something is to buy a replacement for it.

Check lists are pretty good for starting your prepping, but I am not so sure about them as a way to catalog and maintain your supplies. A database would be slick, but in the PAW you are not likely to have a consistent power source so using your computer may be sketchy after the collapse, but before PAW it looks like a sound Idea.

A card file would be a nice manual method but would take some more than ordinary filing skills to maintain. But thinking about it may make some sense for me, I will just need to figure out a system that isn't overly complicated.

I hope to make a few more posts towards this end as I research it more thoroughly.

What do you use?


matthiasj said...

I keep a computerized database of all my preps. Once I add a few more things I will print out hard copies and laminate. I keep everything labeled and organized so I don't re-purchase items. Good post Jay.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Jay said...

Do you use Access or someother database?

njprepper said...

I also keep a database, but for me in a more user friendly format, namely an Excel spreadsheet with many tabs. Access is an awesome database tool, but as your main objective would be "what do I have, and what more do I need (and possibly when does it expire)" you don't need the power of a full database such as SQL and other number crunching needs. Additionally, there is a fairly steep learning curve to Access as to generating reports, sorting data and maintenance, not generally necessary in Excel.

There are a few canned spreadsheets already out there, geared mostly to food, but easily upgradable to all your supplies. Just do a Google search for preparation and spreadsheet and you will get many hits.

Just my $0.02

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