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Monday, June 8, 2009

Survival Seed Vault

I received my first survival seed vault today. I have plans to buy 3 more over the next year, all to be stored in my root cellar for, you know, whenever.

Needless to say I have a few co-workers that think I'm nuts. But as I told them, "When you get tired of the looting and the riots, when you grow hungry waiting for your precious government to bring you food and water, I'll be all alone listening to the birds chirp while I tend to my garden. And NO, you can't get my address..........but you CAN start reading survival blogs if you want to survive.


matthiasj said...

Good post Jay. I need to get myself a couple survival seed vaults. They're a great prep to have.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Bullseye said...

Got 2 of them my self Jay, one to use now and one to barter later on. Good for you and NO you are not crazy. I may be but I don't think you are. LOL

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