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Monday, March 16, 2009

Why prepare?

Why prepare? I hear that question all the time from friends and family, heck I've even asked it myself back when I was younger. But ask yourself this: Have you ever lost power and were frustrated for days because you got no answer from authorities regarding repairs? Have you ever been stuck somewhere in the snow and wondered if you were going to be safe? Or how did you feel watching all those people in New Orleans after Katrina hit on '05?

When you consider preparation for long term disaster, or short term trouble, remember this: It's up to YOU to survive, don't make the mistake of thinking the government is going to help you first. They'll get to you sooner or later, but be sure, it's going to be later so YOU need to be ready, YOU need to be prepared.

Ask your self this question every day : What Have I done to prepare today?


Kymber said...

Great post Jay! I think all of us have been asked that question a million times as well as having asked ourselves it! The answer is different for everyone.

But I like your second question much better -
"What Have I Done To Prepare Today?" -
now that's a good one!

Bullseye said...

Welcome Jay, good to have ya. I try to do a little each day to prepare, some days it's more than others. Every little bit helps in the end. Great post.

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