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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hello everyone, i want to commend jay on the articles he has been posting. I wanted to give everyone a little help on obtaining some of the information jay has been posting. What made me think of this was the post titled Preparedness in Print. Jay listed some books and manuals that would be good to add to your arsenal, Basically to get to the point you can find just about any document, book, movie, etc... for free and completely legal. I like to use two different methods, the first is a file sharing program . once you download this program you can use any file sharing site that you prefer. I did a quick search on and found two out of four instantly. Now all i have to do is download them and then that's it, they'll be on my computer anytime i wish to view them. You can also type in the search for ex. "survival" or "plants" after that it's pretty much take your pick on what you want to download. Now to get on with this, The second site i like is - this site is loaded with just about any document or book you can think of. If you want to download you have to register, but registration is free as are the above sites completely free. I dont know how computer savy everyone is so If anyone has any questions please dont hesitate to contact me I'd be glad to help. Keep up the good work jay, talk to everyone later


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