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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

James Wesley, Rawles Fans

For you fans of the book Patriots: Surviving the coming collapse, did you know the Author has a blog? Yep, you can check it out HERE and while you are there make sure you check up on his list of things like Trades, Tools, and your Firearms battery.

Speaking of Firearms and related topics. I am not an expert on anything more than using my weapons safely. BUT if you are into guns, ammo, the various laws governing them and all that "Gun Porn" then I suggest you visit We The Armed. Their mission on that message board is to become the preeminent source on all things related to personal defense.

Another note for you New Jersey Gun owners, or wannabe gun owners. This website NJGuns is an awesome resource for people trying to navigate the guns laws in our over-regulated state. There is even a list of Attorneys that will help with Gun related issues. Check it out.


Bullseye said...

Thanks for the link. I am happy to say that we have an open carry law here in Kentucky, carry a 9mm with me at all times everywhere I go. Some states are letting that 2nd ammendment right float away, so far, Ky has not. Thank God.

Jay said...

The right to carry a loaded weapon in NJ is dead unless you have a connection to law enforcement. The people are to blame for that I suppose, as we are the ones that elected the governing body.

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