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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello, I'm A New NJ Prepper

Hi all,

I've always been interested in preparedness and I've made being prepared a New Year's resolution. I'd like to say Happy New Year you all and it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

I'll make my bio really short...I was a fishing boat deckhand for years and have now retired from the industry and settled into a suburban existence. As I was always prepared for anything out on the ocean, I guess I need an outlet here on land.

I've been reading all of your posts and the ideas are excellent. I have gotten started on prepping from reading your posts, and I'm finally feeling a sense of accomplishment concerning what I consider important to me.

My Google bio will give you a bit more information as far as my preparedness training is concerned. I can answer question concerning things that could hopefully be useful to the preppers here( ie. how to read a barometer, how to tie knots, how to catch, skin and fillet pretty much any type of fish, how to handle someone who has been recovered from cold water and has hypothermia, how to handle someone who has sunstroke etc.) I'm most willing to answer any questions.

I have a question that I hope one of you can answer:

I know one of the members posted a list of cold weather car emergency supplies (I have already outfitted my car with the supplies after reading the post). My father's pickup truck is getting old and his birthday is coming up. I'd like to get him an emergency kit as this winter here in NJ is turning out to be a bit of a nasty one so far. I know some places that have some pretty nice ones (ie Home Depot, Lowes etc.) and cost is not an issue. I was just wondering what supplies are essential in a car emergency kit; what should I be looking for? I'd like to get him a kit with the most useful and reliable supplies.

Best regards and thanks,



jerzyguy29 said...

Hello Toma, There are so many kits available its almost endless. If you want to put your own kit together you'll have to do a lot of leg work visits to different stores websites etc..
Jay wrote about the essentials for winter car travel here and look here
I would add just a couple items depending on where and how long your Dad travels? What condition is he in? does he need medication if stranded for a day or two? Is his truck four wheel drive? Is he mechanically inclined? How old is his truck? Does it need all the hoses , belts, fluids, brakes, filters, wires, plugs, cap and rotor, or tires replaced?
I would check all of the above and add these items.
20-40 ft Tow strap with hooks 10k lb at least
Handheld 2 way cb radio with 12 volt adapter
12 volt Cell phone charger
grabber hand and toe warmer bundle pack
1 pair of heavy mechanics coveralls, these can also be used to wear over his clothes to keep warm and they fit under the seat
12 volt air compressor
You can also just buy a roadside emergency kit, usually these kits have crap jumper cables, flash light, and tools but can work in a pinch if you are careful with them

dnice said...

I would also be sure to have an emergency heater which can be used inside the car if you are stranded and have to wait for help. Instructions on how to make the emergency heater can be found at: and

NJ Jay said...

My advice would be to make your own kit. The reason for this is simple, as you make the kit you tend to think about everything in it. commercial kits are good, but they are a "one size fits all" type of thing. The time you use to make a kit that suits your needs is all prep time that will better enable you or your dad to make it through a difficult situation.

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