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Saturday, January 2, 2010


BOAT - Bug Out Altoids Tin. Cool Idea right? So how much "stuff" can you shove into a used Altoids tin? I entered a contest and found that other people put much much more stuff in theirs. Take a look at mine and try one for yourself. They can be handy when you backpack, or to keep in the car or stashed around where ever.

This Kit includes as numbered in the photo:
(1) Tin - Also usable for Reflecting
(2) Surgical Razor
(3) Hacksaw
(4) Pencil
(5) Mini Prybar
(6) Peanut Lighter - uses lighter fluid, has a flint, and is sealed watertight when the lid is screwed on.
(7) P-38 Can Opener
(8) Compass
(9) Strike anywhere matches x7 and Cotton swab x7 on a wooden stick, inside waterproof bag
(10) Large Band aids
(11) Butterfly Band aids
(12) Single Use Burn Gel x 2
(13) Single Use Anitbiotic
(14) LED Light
(15) Wire Aircraft Key Ring
(16) Flat and Cross head screw drivers
(17) Post it notes
(18) Nylon Velcro carry case for the tin. Once the tin is in there there is stil a little room at both ends for other things. The case Velcros to your belt of backpack and stays pretty dry.
(19) Cash


Kymber said...

BOAT - i love it!!!
and what a great post - thanks Jay!

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