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Friday, April 9, 2010

Straw Bale Gardens

While surfing the garden sites looking for new and organic ways to garden I came across using Straw Bales as raised beds. Now, I know from when I was living on a farm that a wet bale of hay can be an issue in the barn and I also knew from looking at bales left in the field that stuff had no problem growing in them. But I never ever thought about growing vegetables in them. Well, I do now. I will be settting a bunch of bales along my fence line for additional plantings as well as a barrier to that pesky groundhog (He can also climb the fence as well as go under it). The bales as they are cultured and watered generate a good amount of heat for the roots while keeping them nice and moist. In the fall, till the bales into the soil and bam, they're gone.

Check out this "how to" site on using Straw bales in your gardening.



Michelle said...

Wondering if you will be writing or teaching about your experience?

NJ Jay said...

Absolutely, I picked up 3 bales today for planting and a couple for mulching.

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