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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Proper Documentation for your Bug-out

I have to admit I had not thought about documentation until I listened to one of the Kentucky Prepper Podcasts. Sure I had my drivers license and NJ State Firearms ID card secured and ready for transport, but I never thought about Home or vehicle ownership proof. Of course once you start thinking about that then a flood of other information comes to mind. How about a household inventory in the case of a major casatrophe?

Being a prepper means more than surviving an SHTF scenario, it means being ready for all kinds of personal tragedy and events.

A couple years ago my brother in law lost his house to a fire. The resulting arguments with the insurance company lasted years. His advice to me was to capture the entire house on video and lock it away somewhere. So that is waht I will do. A simple afternoon of wandering through the house taping the walls and belongings then storing that tape along with the mortgage documents, deed and property survey ina fireproof, weather proof, and tamper proof safe off site should do the trick.

Next step will be to make sure I have notarized copies of all birth certificates, loan papers, and other proof of ownership in my bug-out bag. I can't believe I had not covered this in the past.

Thank You matthiasj


Anonymous said...

You're welcome Jay!

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