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Monday, September 14, 2009

Personal Survival Kit

Ever go out in the woods alone? Do you have a Bug Out Bag? What would happen if you were away when SHTF? Well here's an idea I picked up on while trying to make sure that all of my camping and hiking gear was good to go for the coming season. A small easy to carry personal survival kit.

I started to talk with others about what should be in such a kit and of course the usual suspects showed up, a knife, a flashlight, a mirror, first aid of some sort and well, you know lots of stuff that made the kit to big. So what to do? Hit the internet of course and what I found was a small kit that will fit into a U.S. Army Ammo Pouch and contains all the materials you will need for a personal emergency, be it lost in the woods, stuck in your car, or trying to trek home after the SHTF and the country has gone in a hand basket.

I can't take credit for inventing this kit, it's just that it impresses me so much I wanted to share it with everyone. The creator of the kit, and the author of it's website bring up a great point when it comes to building your own kit, and that is that it makes you think about each piece and why it's there. This leads to awareness and instead of getting in trouble and saying, "lets see what's in the survival kit that I can use" you say "Hey, I have just the thing to use in my survival kit". The kits contains 29 items and all fits into a tough as nails US Mil spec magazine pouch that can be had on ebay or at surplus stores for 8-14 bucks.

The Contents:
ITEM 1 - Contents, Survival Tips & Guidelines (Printed on Waterproof Paper).
ITEM 2 - Pencil & 3 Blank Sheets Waterproof Paper (notes for self & others).
ITEM 3 - Small Swiss Army Knife.
ITEM 4 - 550 lb.test Para Cord (20 ft.)
ITEM 5 - LOUD whistle!
ITEM 6 - Small Lighter
ITEM 7 - Magnesium / Flintbar Firestarter
ITEM 8 - Mini LED Flashlight
ITEMS 9 and 10 - 30ft Fishing Line and 6 Fish Hooks (15 lb test line)
ITEM 11 - 50ft Fishing Line (Hvy 80 lb test) (snares, shelter making, etc)
ITEM 12 - Mirror (Signaling, grooming)
ITEM 13 - Compass
ITEM 14 - Needles(3) and Heavy Upholstry Thread (10 ft)
ITEM 15 - Safety Pins (3)
ITEM 16 - Survival Blanket
ITEM 17 - Painter's Tarp 9'x7'
ITEM 18 - Water purifying straw
ITEM 19 - Water Purification Tablets (20)
ITEM 20 - 5 feet of duct tape, wrapped around ball point pen
ITEM 21 - Surgical Suture, Sterile
ITEM 22 - anti-diarrhea pills (4), Motrin (6) in a watertight capsule
ITEM 23 - Ziploc Freezer Bags (2)
ITEM 24 - Slingshot kit
ITEM 25 - Small Rectangular Cooking Tin
ITEM 26 - Fresnel Lens
ITEM 27 - Scalpel Blades
ITEM 28 - Fifty Dollar Bill
ITEM 29 - MilSpec Snare Wire (10 ft)

It would be wrong of me to detail the whole kit here since it's not my Idea so please head over to M40's web site and review the contents and the extrordinary details that the author has compiled to help you understand the value of making this kit.


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As for purchasing a lot of the content for that Kit, I went to County Comm to get most of it, then Ebay for the Ammo Pouch. I also looked around for other things and have listed the locations below. Have fun and enjoy building your own kit !

Duct Tape
Water Purification Straw
Water Purification Tablets


Anonymous said...

That would be a good kit to have in the wilderness. Good post Jay.

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