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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu update: 4/28

Being prepard for a flu outbreak is pretty easy. Follow some basic rules about your hygene, stay away from crowds and you should be all right. Of course staying away from crowds assumes that you have all the necessary means to live alone in your house for a couple weeks. Funny, theres that 2 weeks window we talk about when we say "Short Term" preparedness.

Regarding the Flu outbreak, NY has had a school close down after 10 students decided to go to Mexico for a Senior trip instead of going the normal route with everyone else. Oh well, that's the unlucky lottery in my opinion. On the good side of this is that we are in the greatest country in the world and our standard of living and well being far surpasses places like Mexico.

Things seem to be progressing as they should health wise, people taking care, our pharmaceutical industry gearing up and so on. Now my biggest fear is the media and the hysteria they seem to thrive on. This is a time for calculated moves and level heads, not whipped up lunacy by the non-stop talking heads on the network news.

Anyway, use the links provided to keep updated, and stay cool, calm, and collected.


Kymber said...

Great advice preppers - we should be prepared for any crisis or emergency - and we should always try to keep a level head! Right now - there is too much panic being spread by the MSM...we just need to keep our heads low, stay healthy and soon this too will pass!
Great post!

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