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Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Jersey Survival

Quick, how much wilderness does New Jersey have? Ha, you said none didn't you? Well, despite more than three centuries of development almost half of New Jersey is still wooded. The chief tree of the northern forests is the oak. A large part of the southern section is in pine. There is plenty of room to hide and survive off the land. In my part on NJ there is ample farm land, about 1000 acres right behind the house.

As I watch the wildlife in my back yard, which include ample Fox, turkey, deer and bear, I think that I could use more wildlife skills. more than just being able to "exist" outside, I want to be able to survive and live happily.

I'll be following up on that some more in the coming posts. Maybe a tracking class, yeah, that may be the next thing to do........


Kymber said...

Oh a tracking class and teach us everything you learn - that would be awesome!
i am glad that your state is still wooded - and super glad that you have so much wildlife near the backyard - do you hunt?

Jay said...

I tried to hunt I really did. But every time I killed some thing I felt bad, so I leave the hunting up to my brothers and they share the rewards with me. I do however fish and do it a lot.

Survivalist said...

I agree there are lots of wooded sections particularly in the southern Jersey area. I remember heading to the woods years aqo when I used to live in Jersey. I often found many old and forgotten towns in the woods that were long gone especially around the New Egypt area.

Humble wife said...

I am never surprised at the sheer size of our nation!

Yes I would love to read of your woods and tracking. I am certain I will learn much from you!

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