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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Power Outage Yesterday

Yesterday I got a call from both my wife and daughter that power was out due to an unfortunate incident between an errant driver and a utility pole. It was interesting to note that other than the disgruntlement over not having the internet available, no one was concerned. Plenty of light sources in the house, candles aplenty, reserve fuel and ways to cook on hand. Heck I went so far as to actually offer an extension cord to run the fridge....if it was really necessary :).

I did take the opportunity to use the event to remind the wife that we needed either a big time generator or a large bank of batteries and some solar equipment. A discussion ensured about the generator being an attractant to looters in times of unrest, but that was reserved for another time.

My point here is that with very little prep, and having everyone participate in it, little issues like power being out for a dozen hours or so need not be an issue at all.

What did you do to Prep today?

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