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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

News and goings on...

Watching the news lately has pretty much verified my belief that our society as we know it over the last 200 years or so is unraveling. Who knows if that will be good or bad, only time will tell. But for sure, the Western Civilization, free market, individual centered, freedom loving society we all know and have prospered under is on a downward trend.

All the more reason to start relying on yourself for things, because the government won't be able to help you unless you fit one of their "categories". and god help you if you actually produce something, you're pretty much doomed to some sort of confiscatory policy. As so much intrusive government policy is taking hold, how long before we have shortages of all kinds of things that we take for granted? Food, via government policy, is already being used for fuel and while that creates a windfall for farmers, it causes shortages and price increases at the grocery store and hurts the poorest of the poor more often than anyone else.

Every time the government tinkers with the free market, there is an equal and opposite reaction somewhere else. The government then tries to fix that as well thereby throwing everything into a hopeless spiral that can't be corrected. What are the chances that the government will just back away and let our system correct itself? None, that's what I thought you'd say.

In the blogs and Forums today:

Events, Connections, and Get togethers is a thread on that tries to pull like minded folks together.

Snake Boots are a nice addition to your supplies. Stealth Survival has a nice little article about the necessity of them.

Rawles is ringing the bell loud and clear over at with respect to the global economy. If he's right, his book looks clarevoyant.

There are a bunch of nice discussions on Tactical P.A.W. Gear over on Hotel23.

Have a great day, and remember: What did you do to prepare today? Even if it's reading and learning, it's a good thing to prepare.


Anonymous said...

Great post. All the more reason to store food.

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